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``We live and breathe to create!``

Bennett Interiors exist to deliver well-designed stunning homes. Leilani’s signature style mixing a tranquil palette with organic and earthy elements and innovated architectural features that elevate interiors!  We are rooted in the fact that our clients come first! We combine creative and extensive knowledge of the industry, forging powerful connections with our clients, bringing their vision to fruition. Our human expertise of interior design is grounded in offering top-notch premium design services. It’s our entire team’s standard to ensure a seamless client experience.

Award Winning

Bennett Interiors is an award-winning design house with over 25 plus years of experience, designing residential luxury homes and commercial projects, with a specific focus on renovation projects. We transform homes to thoughful masterpieces.  Leilani Bennett’s design knowledge and creative concepts has garnered her a reputation as a leading design firm in Southwest Florida. Leilani and her team are dedicated to providing excellence with a strong work ethic and keen project management skills.  As an affiliate esteemed member of CBIA, we have achieved numerous accolades, most notably the prestigious Sand-dollar award, for our project in Pelican Bay, a $1 million residential remodeling undertaking that exceeded all expectations. We believe our unique approach to design, combined with our passion, and pushing creative boundaries has set a new standard for the interior design industry. Our sister company, “Home Philosophie” storefront was established in 2021, featuring a luxurious 4,000 square foot showroom with curated fine furnishings and decor ready to be delivered. You will find Bennett Interiors Design House & Home Philosophie conveniently located at 99 9th Street South, Naples FL 34102 (on the corner of US 41 and 1st. Ave South).

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We welcome your thoughtful consideration of Bennett Interiors for all your design needs, and extend to you a personal invitation to visit the showroom to meet the team, see our curations first hand—or simply to stop in to say “hello”! Our team of experienced and talented professionals are committed to delivering exceptional design solutions that will meet your unique requirements. Leilani Bennett with the collaborative team, will introduce new, fresh concepts according to your design vision that will elevate your home and or design project. We offer design and solutions that cover everyone’s needs from full scale custom design to refreshing your home to a VIP design day with Leilani Bennett by your side.  We are happy to assist you in determining the type of design level that best suits your needs and design preferences.

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Bennett Interiors Interior | Home Philosophie

``Where creativity meets functionality to transform spaces into extraordinary living experiences.``

Leilani Bennett

``The essence of interior design goes beyond mere aesthetics; it lies in the seamless integration of functionality and the way my clients experience life—I have found they are all unique and special, and so are their houses, The common denominator is our clients live to love their homes.`` – Leilani Bennett

Leilani Bennett, is a distinguished interior designer, who profoundly believes in the “philosophy” that design should prioritize the fusion of functionality and the uniqueness of how her clients live within their spaces.

Your home is your sanctuary, and entrusting someone with the responsibility of enhancing its most intimate spaces requires utmost confidence and trust. That’s why do your research and familiarize yourself with Leilani Bennett’s work ethic, designs and who she is. Take the time to explore her portfolio, immerse yourself in the visual narratives of her completed projects, and delve into testimonials, reviews from both clients and industry professionals.

Once you’ve gained insight into Leilani’s expertise of interior design and artistic sensibilities, take the next step by reaching out to her firm to request a consultation. This discovery initial meeting will allow you to establish a personal connection, discuss your unique ideas and aspirations, and evaluate whether her approach aligns seamlessly with your vision. During this consultation, you can also assess Leilani’s communication style, attentiveness to detail, and her transparent approach will translate as someone who has you covered.

When it comes to selecting interior design services, you must consider one of the most significant aspects is establishing a strong rapport with your chosen interior design professional. As you embark on the journey of transforming your vision into reality, it is vital to collaborate closely with a designer who exudes professionalism, expertise, and has a warm and personable approach. Bennett Interiors checks all the boxes!

As an esteemed and passionate interior designer. Leilani Bennett, has been designing for over 25 years. Leilani has a incredible ability to channel her design clients’ visions, combining her impeccable eye for detail with a deep understanding of design principles, and construction knowledge, to delivery results that exceed all expectations.

With every project, Leilani creates harmonious interiors that evoke a sense of tranquility, sophistication, and your personal expression. From chic modern interiors to cozy organic coastal homes, Leilani and her team curates bespoke designs that seamlessly blend aesthetics with practicality, resulting in spaces that are both visually stunning and highly functional.

Drawing inspiration from all over the world, Leilani is a taste-maker and ahead of the trends. Leilani embraces a collaborative approach with her clients, ensuring that your individual aspirations are at the forefront of the creative process.

You will find, Leilani’s commitment to excellence extends beyond the aesthetics. With a meticulous attention to smallest details, she oversees every aspect of the design journey, from the initial concept development to the final installation with her collaborative talented design team. Collaboration is the key to success, having iron-clad processes and systems in place ensures your project will adhere to timelines. At Bennett Interiors, we work with a team of skilled artisans, contractors, and suppliers. Leilani ensures that the design vision is executed flawlessly delivering masterfully executed process resulting in a that tells your story.

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``Every home design should have
its own voice and its own magic
to experience!`` ~ Leilani Bennett

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